Exploring Rebounding

Rebounding or mini-trampoling, is a fun and fantastic form of exercise, and here is why…….every cell in your body is exercised and cleansed with every bounce.  It oxygenates all the tissues, it boosts lymphatic drainage, detoxifying the body and stimulating immune function.  It is cardiovascular, it increases bone and muscle density as a result of the triple G-Force (gravity, acceleration and deceleration) of each bounce, without putting gravitational stress on your joints, because it takes the weight off the body.  NASA’s findings on rebounding is that it is 68% more effective than a treadmill, whilst reducing the impact on knees, ankles and back, by up to 80% and the delivery and absorption of oxygen increasing four times.  Two minutes of rebounding can give you the effect of a 20 minute walk.    And it is good and fun for all ages!!!

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