First Impressions Board

Due to all the wonderful comments we were receiving about the center from our visitors, we decided to create a board for them to pen their ‘First Impressions’.  We are so chuffed to share a few of them with you…

  • Just Awesome!! “Food for the soul.”
  • Such a lovely space! All the help you need in one place!
  • As soon as I walked through the door, I wanted to STAY! So tranquil and such a beautiful space.
  • Amazing!!! Can see my new self already!
  • A wonderful and peaceful space that calms, refreshing and uplifts the soul. Wonderful people too!
  • Positive! Very welcoming. Lovely atmosphere.
  • Always a pleasure to visit, everyone is so knowledgeable and welcoming.
  • What a relaxed, peaceful and calm space to be in! Feels like a really awesome holiday… so welcoming!
  • So calm, clean and energy lifting, such an awesome practice!
  • So light and lovely. Love the lively, yet calming atmosphere.
  • I walked in here and I felt so at peace instantly! I could spend ages here and leave so happy.
  • Absolutely amazing! Stunning and relaxing atmosphere. Feels so at home here!!
  • Such wonderful people, so friendly and welcoming. Always feel great after visiting.
  • WOW! Peace, tranquil, beautiful, and blessed!
  • Beautiful, warm and welcoming environment.
  • What a lovely place, very homely and so tranquil.
  • Such a welcoming vibe! A warm, earthy feeling and experience.
  • I feel like I’m on holiday!


Share your first impression or experiences at Willow Worx below!

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