Exploring Yoga & Pilates

YOGA is a movement that combines mindfulness, breath and a sequence of poses to achieve a practice that teaches you more about yourself and being kind to yourself. It also improve strength and mobility for all forms of loving such as work and sport.

In Yoga, the journey is always emphasised and how to listen to your body, mind and heart.

A class starts with controlling the breath, intention setting, a yoga flow and quiet cool down.


PILATES is a low intensity form of exercise and places minimal strain on joints, which is important for children as their bones are vulnerable yet need strengthening as they are still developing.

For children to have good posture and alignment we need to work their deep stabilizing muscles. Pilates for children has many benefits such as increased muscle tone, good posture and alignment, increased capacity to focus and concentrate and mental health. Pilates is about intense focus and being aware of your whole body. When children learn these principles, they are better equipped at maintaining physical shape in other pursuits as well as learning how to relax. By them understanding their body more and having more control of their body means they will have more self-confidence and self-esteem too, which is becoming more and more important these days, due to the role that social media is playing in our children’s lives.

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