Audiology & Educational Life Coach


Hi, I’m Chantelle!


BA(Sp & H Th)WITS 1999
Adv Dipl(H aid Ac)TUKS 2001
Performance Coach 2016

I am an Audiologist / Speech Therapist and Performance Coach.  I have been running my practise in Edenvale since 2004.

I do diagnostic hearing tests on people of all ages and fit hearing aids and assisted listening devices.

My special area of interest is Therapy and Coaching for:

  • Central Auditory Processing Difficulties.
  • Reading and Spelling difficulties (Dyslexia).
  • Working memory
  • Executive Functioning Difficulties.
  • All other learning challenges.

Learning challenges can wreak havoc on family, home and work life and particularly post-COVID such challenges are by far more the rule, than the exception.   I have extensive experience in these areas and am passionate about working with families experiencing these and all other learning challenges.

I offer a unique and individualised way for each family to get real, brain-based, practical, pragmatic and actionable strategies to improve, in the areas of learning where it is needed most.

Please feel free to book a free 20 minute consultation with me to see how you can benefit.

Operating from:

Edenvale Center


What is Educational Coaching & who is it for?

Teach a child what to learn –
and they will learn for a day,
teach them HOW to learn –
and they will learn for LIFE!
                                  Chantelle Macquet 2020

Often, we best define something by clarifying what it is not.

Coaching is NOT extra lessons, subject specific tutoring, or remedial teaching – these focus on what the child needs to learn.

Coaching is not counselling or play therapy – which focuses on the “why” of learning challenges.

Educational Coaching focuses on HOW each individual learns! 

In any age learner, from Grade 4 to adults, we identify how the learner thinks (through an online assessment). The results determine how they behave, communicate, listen and ultimately learn.  By identifying unique challenges with their learning and thinking, we work on applying new thinking and learning frameworks, to implement radical and sustainable change, and therefore manifest real and measurable results.

Through the guidance of their coach, the learner and their family will experience marked improvements in:

  • Identifying their unique strengths and talents.
  • Identifying their unique thinking preferences and learning strategies.
  • Personal and academic achievement.
  • Emotional intelligence.
  • Daily positive habit formation.
  • Task prioritisation and goal setting.
  • Productivity training – Planning, organisation and time management.
  • Setting a homework and study cadence from day 1.
  • Personal accountability, self-advocacy and asking for help.
  • Self-monitoring, reflection and redirection.

Coaching Sessions are in groups or individual, online or in person.

Ultimately Educational Coaching is finding new ways for you to learn most effectively, in less time, to yield the best possible results – while having more FUN!

Please feel free to book a complimentary 20 minute session with me to find out how this can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!