Baby Sensory Classes


Hi, I’m Tracey!

Being a mother has been one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my life. But as fulfilling as motherhood is, it can also be incredibly daunting for new parents. With so much information and approaches to raising a baby, it can a terrifying experience, when all you really want to do is what is the very best for your child.

Which is where ustime comes in. I really wanted to share the passion I have developed for early childhood development having seen how my daughter benefitted from sensory development.

Our playshops are designed for moms with babies between the ages of 2 and 12 months, to get away from it all and enjoy some uninterrupted fun that is as good for baby as it is for mom.

We have created a space where new mothers can bond with their little treasures through intentional play, developmental exercises and great fun in an environment free of judgement. Ustime is an opportunity to be among other moms, where you can share the rollercoaster ride of motherhood while everyone loves and learns together

Operating from:

Edenvale Center


Benefits of sensory classes

  • Sensory play helps to develop brain structure by encouraging the formation of neural pathways
  • Research shows that early sensory stimulation benefits children in the areas of speech, problem solving and later learning abilities
  • Varied activities involving all senses build a positive association with learning
  • Fun engagement is mutually beneficial to both mother and child

Baby sensory classes R150 per class.