Body Stress Release


Hi, I’m Fazeela!

Practitioner of Body Stress Release M.B.S.R.A.

Whilst I was raising my children, I needed that secure paycheck at the end of the month. For decades this was provided by the financial industry. When 2011 came around, I started making plans on what it is that I wanted to do with my life. I had experienced the calm of working one on one with clients when I studied Swedish massaging in 2004 and knew that I would return to this kind of environment one day.

In 2011 I have been a client of my cousin, who practices Body Stress Release (BSR), for 5 years already and the funny thing is that I never even considered studying this technique when I was planning. It is my husband that suggested this and after consideration I applied for the course. The minute I did this, everything fell into place with such ease that I am convinced that BSR chose me. For this, I honour my profession, my clients and everything in the Universe that supports this and of course, this includes my Family♥

Above all, I honour the human body, complex and simple at the same time, with its innate ability to heal itself. It never ceases to amaze me.

Operating from:

Modderfontein Center


What services are offered & who are they for?

Unlocking tension – Restoring self-healing: Most people consult a BSR practitioner when seeking pain relief, especially for lower-back, leg, shoulder and neck pain and headaches. While the person is fully clothed, a practitioner will do a series of tests to locate stored tension in the body, mainly along the spine. The tension is released by applying light directional pressure to help restore normal muscle tone. Tension not only causes stiffness and pain, but also constricts nerve fibre that runs through muscles. This can interfere with healing as the nerve pathways to and from the brain are responsible for our bodies’ healing. This gentle technique is beneficial to all ages, from newborns to the infirm.  

R450 per 30 min session