What is Counselling & who is it for?

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Counselling is a form of therapy that assists you to mentally and emotionally unpack, understand and deal with any issue or experience that is having a negative impact on you and various aspects of your life. It helps you uncover the root cause of your negative emotions and thought processes. The cause can be issues from past or current traumatic events such as job loss, divorce, death or even terminal illness that is causing you chronic stress, depression and even incapacity to move forward in life or in relationships. A counsellor helps you deal with the issues through bringing perspective, exploring options, developing strategies and increasing self-awareness to get you back on your feet and empower you to take back control of your life.

Counselling is not only for people who are feeling overwhelmed in areas of their lives but also for those who are curious about knowing and understanding themselves in greater depth and those who want the opportunity to share their views, be heard and gain new perspectives on their situation and experiences.

About Our Counsellor

Hi, I’m Nikita!

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Specialized Wellness Counsellor (ASCHP, Psych Hons. & BEd)

My passion is to work with individuals, couples and families, supporting them through feelings of being overwhelmed, unhappy and directionless in one or more areas of their lives and to enable them to deal with and cope with present or past traumatic experiences such as grief, loss, divorce, an accident etc. To help them unpack their emotions and memories, enabling them to better know and understand themselves and thereby, to rediscover their strengths and establish proper identity in order to lead a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life.

I am here to listen, without judgement. I am here to listen to what you have to say.
I am here to listen and help you define a path to moving forward.

Areas of special interest:
– Marriage and Family Counselling
– Relationship Counselling
– Educational Counselling
– Young Adult Counselling: Identity issues, Bulling