Midwife & lactation Specialist


Hi, I’m Ana!

Midwife and Lactation, Infant feeding specialist.

I have a calm and supportive approach to empowering couples from the parents-to-be stage, through the birth of their new-born and beyond. I empower couples through the transition into their parenting roles which is one of the most amazing and life-changing journeys.

Working with and guiding hundreds of pregnant couples and parents over the last 15 years, has enabled me to design a course that is full of essential and important information that also answers all those pressing questions.

The information and support provided included the various feeding methods. This knowledge and hands- on training will provide you with a deeper understanding of your baby’s needs and continued growth and confidence as parents.

Pregnancy is the only time in a woman’s life she can help God work a miracle. Erma Bombeck.

Operating from:

Edenvale Center


What is services do I offer?

Antenatal classes: Option of 3, two and half hour sessions or a one day workshop from 32 weeks gestation.

Breastfeeding assistance: Offer home/hospital visits and consultations in my rooms from birth to any age.

Immunisations: Private well-baby clinic (vaccines are claimed straight from the medical aids), including weight checks, milestone monitoring, baby age-appropriate health education.

Mom-to-Mom & Dad-to-Dad support groups: Fellow moms and dads supporting each other, helping parents understand they are not alone in their challenging fun parenting journey.

Preggie Yoga: Helps with hip flexibility, deep cleansing breaths and relaxation.