Remedial Therapy


Hi, I’m Shannon!

Remedial Therapist & Educator, B.Ed Hons Ed Psych (SACE)

I am a qualified educator with 4 years of teaching experience and 5 years tutoring experience. I completed my Bachelor of Education Honours in Educational Psychology in 2019 through the University of Pretoria. I have received intensive training in many areas, focusing on Grade R development & school readiness, reading and spelling interventions, and children’s mental health & wellness. I have experience working with learners from age 3 to 15 and with learners that have various learning, behavioural and emotional challenges. Being an educator, I love being able to apply the two fields I am most passionate about: Education and Psychology. Assisting learners in developing holistically, as well as assisting them in overcoming any barriers or difficulties that prevent them from reaching their full potential, is important to me. I want all learners to become more confident and comfortable with learning.

I am a Foundation Phase educator at a school in the area and am available to provide individualised educational support to children in the afternoons.

My services offered include:
• Early Literacy and Numeracy Remediation
• Reading & Spelling Therapy
• Dyslexia Support
• School Readiness Assessments
• Scholastic Assessments
• Homework/Study Supervision & Assistance

Operating from:

Edenvale Center


What is Remedial Therapy & who is it for?

Remedial Therapy provides a supportive and nurturing environment where learners can be assisted in overcoming and managing various barriers to learning, mainly in the areas of Literacy, Numeracy and Perceptual Skills. Remedial Therapy is usually aimed at learners of Grade 1- 6. The aim of Remedial therapy is to assist the child in understanding their difficulties, overcoming these difficulties, and boosting their skills and confidence in these areas of learning. Remedial Therapy is different to subject-specific tutoring in that it helps learners bridge any gaps in previous learning and builds on current knowledge and understanding using multisensory learning techniques. Remedial sessions are one-on-one and the learner is able to work through a learning intervention plan in a fun and individualised way using a variety of creative and proven methods.