The Willow Worx Story…

Early in 2019, while washing dishes after a family dinner on a weekend away at the Vaal dam, we (Brigitte and Nikita) were chatting about our individual dreams and passions, only to realize that this would be the beginnings of Willow Worx…

Seeing so many people, including children, struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, ill health, weight gain, lack of energy, low self-esteem, physical pain or discomfort and not knowing where to get help other than relying on pharmaceutical drugs to get them through, weighed heavily on our hearts, especially knowing that with the right help and lifestyle changes, they could live a completely different life.

We smiled and laughed saying, “Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a place that had a team of like-minded professionals with the relevant skills, services and knowledge that could holistically help give people back control of their health and their lives, and become the version of themselves that they aspire to be!!”

…….so the dream was birthed!

Now that we had the vision of the ‘WHAT’ we wanted do, we felt that defining the WHERE was equally important. It needed to be a space where people would feel at home and safe, a place that made them feel relaxed and inspired by both the environment and those providing the services. A place that they would look forward to visiting, a place of respite from the busy world and their busy lives, and so the renovations at Louvian Avenue began, with the design being inspired by the vision.

After months of debating names, the answer came as we looked at the Willow tree standing gracefully to the side of the property. Not only is a Willow tree tranquil and peaceful to look at, but on researching what it symbolized, we realized how perfectly it embodied our vision for both the center and for those that would come through the doors of “Willow Worx”.

Lastly we defined the 7 Pillars that would become the foundation of health at Willow Worx. Each pillar having a colour and meaning that maps back to the values of the Willow Tree and encompasses each part of the whole that brings you closer to overall wellness!

So if this speaks to you, we invite you to make an appointment to come visit us at Willow Worx!

Opened our doors on the 10th of June 2020!

The Founders

Nikita Ghisleni

The Founders

Brigitte Nowicki