Health & Wellness Coaching

Hi, I’m Brigitte!

Life & Health Coach and Fitness Instructor

I absolutely love what I do and what I do is help people achieve goals that they didn’t think were possible. I work with people who feel that life and stress has got the better of them and as a result they battle with motivation, weight, lack of energy and compromised health. It is so rewarding to witness people take back control of their lives and health, and get back to living life with energy, confidence and passion… to see them looking forward to the future and enjoying the now!

I do what I do because I love to see people and their families live their happiest most healthy life… to achieve what they didn’t think was possible.

Operating from:

Modderfontein Center


More about me and my background

I grew up as one of 5 children in a very middle class family where we had a vibrant, interesting and at times very challenging childhood.

I chose a career in Information Technology, spanning over 30 years and where I was fortunate enough to have been a founding member of two software companies, one in Logistics software and the other in Payroll software, namely PSIber Solutions. I loved both the problem solving and the creativity of designing software, however what I loved more was working with people to solve those problems and design solutions, and all the opportunities I got to do personal coaching and mentoring.

I attended dance lessons from the age of five and learnt everything from Ballet, Tap, Spanish, Jazz, Modern, to Ballroom and Latin American. I qualified as an Aerobics Instructor back in the day of ankle warmers, head bands and Jane Fonda’s “no pain, no gain” days. I have run dance/fitness classes ever since.

I got married 1996 and continue to have a wonderful marriage that has gone from strength to strength. After having two sons, we debated whether or not to have a third child and after some serious consideration and a very interesting story, which we will leave for another day, we decided to give nature three months to decide for us. As it turned out, God had other plans and rather than a third child, we had twin boys. So we are blessed with four amazing sons and two wonderful daughters-in-law, one of which is my founding partner in Willow Worx.

With my sons grown up and having done my time in IT, I decided to follow my true passion of health and wellness, and working with people to help them reach their potential and so, armed with many years of life, business, family, health, fitness and mentoring experience, I embarked on getting my Coaching Certification and together with Nikita and our awesome team of practitioners, launched Willow Worx Wellness Centre.

What is Coaching & who is it for?

Coaching empowers and supports you to transform your health and your life, by taking you from where you are to where you want to be. Coaching helps you find what is right for you and then set goals that includes your health, physical activity, relationships, stress management and lifestyle. Your Coach is your guide, your support and your cheerleader, helping you to implement the life style changes that are necessary to make sustainable health and life improvements. Through Coaching you will be empowered to make healthier choices a way of life that results in long term wellness, weight loss, reduced health risks, enjoyment of life and improved moods, fitness and energy.

So who is it for……it is for everyone that wants to enjoy a happier and healthier life! It could be the best gift you ever give yourself, an investment that lasts a lifetime!

The best time to start is when you feel that you deserve better than where you are at!